The Fresh Start Processing Loan Modification Specialists are one of the Nation’s leading Loan Modification and Loss Mitigation Companies. We have assisted numerous homeowners in avoiding foreclosure and keeping their homes. We also have an Institutional Services Division that works with Lenders and Government Entities.

Lenders are willing to negotiate when borrowers are facing financial difficulties and can’t obtain other financing alternatives. We show the lender why it would be in their best interest to agree to a workout arrangement. In turn, the Lender may reduce the loan interest rate, reduce monthly payment amounts or change other loan terms to allow for an affordable loan to allow the homeowner to avoid foreclosure.

Our goal is for you to have peace of mind, knowing that you can afford to stay in your house.

We are specialists with experience in loss mitigation, real estate, and mortgage lending. Members of our team have experience working within the loss mitigation departments of major U.S. lenders and servicers. This experience and the relationships that have been maintained enable us to provide effective representation and negotiation on your behalf.

We understand your needs to restructure your current loan(s) and will assist by providing you with a unique, professional plan that you and your lender can accept. We fully understand that you have a serious problem and only a short time to overcome the real possibility of losing your property.

We believe that Foreclosure and Bankruptcy is the absolute LAST resort.